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Product Information

OS 50k Raster: 20km x 20km Tiles
Ordnance Survey 50k Raster

1:50 000 Scale Colour Raster is Ordnance Surveys digital form of the OS Landranger paper map which makes it useful to show the results of environmental analysis covering a large area.


Pricing starts from: £14.43 + vat per tile (each tile is 20km x 20km).

The total price is based on the following factors:

The number of tiles that you select
How many terminals you plan to use the data on
How many years you want to licence the data for

Step 2

Please Note:    Area highlighted in pink will be the supplied area.
Best Practice:  Use the zoom tool to show full extents of area covered.
Altering area:  Click on the map to add or remove tiles. Tiles selected displayed in list ---->

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Tile Size:

20000m x 20000m

1:50 000 Scale Colour Raster - 20km x 20km Tiles

Support Section


Geo-referencing files allow tiles of map data to be located in their correct geographical position when loaded into a geographical information system (GIS).
This is achieved by loading in files alongside the data files that contain the National Grid corner coordinates for each tile. This is especially useful if more than one tile of data is being loaded at once, as it allows for a true geographical depiction of the data.

About geo-referencing
When raster data is supplied or you download it, it is not georeferenced in any way. This means that tiles will not display in a geographical relationship to each other when loaded into a GIS.

Below there are TIFF World Files (TFW) that can be used to geo-reference raster data in ESRI® ArcView® and ArcInfo® together with TAB files for use with MapInfo®.

Download the TAB files here

Download the TFW files here

TIP: The georeferencing files should be saved in the same directory as the files of the map tiles themselves.

How can I get Sea Tiles for maps?

Please note OS now supply additional sea tiles and supporting TIFF World Files; these are free to download; enabling users to complete sea areas at each zoom level as required.


Download the sea tiles

Download the sea TAB

Download the sea TFW

More about 1:50k Raster Data

This Ordnance Survey product is the data equivalent of the popular OS Landranger paper map series, those viewing the product are generally familiar with its features, making it an easy way to interpret the landscape.

This product provides an excellent overview of the main features and communication routes (including Public Rights of Way) for a large area which makes it particularly useful for development and land-use planning, environmental impact analysis, display, promotion and many more applications.

Product Details

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Alternative Products

OS Mastermap
Ordnance Survey Mapping and Data Product

Ordnance Survey Large Scale CAD (layered) data.

OS MasterMap Topography Layer in DXF or DWG with optional contours at 0.5m, 1m or 2m intervals.

OS 10k Raster Tiles
Ordnance Survey Mapping and Data Product

1:10 000 Scale Raster provides a backdrop map product at a mid-scale on which you can overlay your information, to provide a geographic context for your data. Available in 5km x 5km and in Backdrop Colour (washout), Black and White or Colour.

OS 25k Raster Tiles
Ordnance Survey Mapping and Data Product

OS 1:25 000 Scale Colour Raster is the digital form of Ordnance Surveys popular OS Explorer Map. The detailed representation of the countryside in a way that is easy to interpret makes it particularly suited for displaying environmental applications. 10km x 10km Tiles.

OS Aerial Photography
Ordnance Survey Mapping and Data Product

OS MasterMap® Imagery Layer yields compelling information that you cannot get from mapping alone, such as road markings, habitats, land use, vegetation, pipes and cables, utilities infrastructure, roof types, and building access. 1km x 1km Tiles suppled with the relevent .tfw and .xml file/s.